s6k has just released Issue #12 of Impact Arena RAID-io

s6k has just released Issue #12 of Impact Arena RAID-io
ROOM 101 features energetic jams from Magic Sound Butcher & our SCANNEd segment has part 3 of our talk with Kayhan Irani. "Get Me Off This Crazy Thing" is our 12th show & we couldn't be happier to tell you we are now being downloaded by 28 countries. We are up 5 countries from just last week! www.s6k.com/impact

Here's a list of countries now downloading IA RAID-io podcasts: USA, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, UK, Argentina, Mexico, Polska, Schweiz, Türkiye,  France,  Brasil    , Belgique, España, Ghana, Taiwan, Canada, Venezuela, Česká Republika, Colombia, Magyarország, Thailand, Ελλάδα, Österreich, Australia, Chile, Bosna i Hercegovina, Republika Hrvatska, Ecuador, Россия

Our programming and interviews are branching out to address the global audience we are stoked to have. And, we have an amazing surprise for you in approximately a month. They will certainly be *must listen to* issues, as we feel they all are. But this surprise will show our dedication to providing you with the highest level of aural artistic experience we are capable of.

Thank you all for your support!!!
Peaceness and Sledgehammers,
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