Sound and Vision in the SWU Bunker with Sprawl!

Inside the SWU Bunker with Sprawl for the our Monthly Live Stream!

 [Sprawl is a Hybrid DJ Team / Live Act from Denard Henry and Jana Clemen]

We had a great time, lots of great tunes! Please send us your feedback about the show.

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Hope you can make it for one of our next World Wide Monthly Live Streams.

Until then, take care and Demand Underground Sounds for your side of the planet!

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Inspirational discoveries - Inspirierende Entdeckungen

While staying in other cities / towns for a weekend or longer, its always great not only to discover nightlife, but also hidden places and art during the day. I found this street art, in a dark entry to a backyard in Berlin on my visit.

Während des Aufenthaltes in anderen Städten, versuche ich mir immer Zeit nicht nur zur Erkundung des Nachtlebens, sondern auch versteckter Plätze und Kunst am Tag zu nehmen. Dieses Street Art Gemälde habe ich in einem dunklen Eingang zu einem Hinterhof letztes Mal in Berlin entdeckt.
[On the road and written via BlackBerry]
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The Voice of the Trees

Utilizing various make-shift components, German designer Bartholomäus Traubeck has managed to create a modified record player that takes wood slices of a tree and makes music from its inner rings.

YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo.

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