SWU Showcase: 2 Juni Cafe Paradox, Ingolstadt!

Die Sonic Warriors United kommen nach Ingolstadt  Cafe Paradox , um die tanzw├╝tigen Sonic Seekers mit einer einzigartigen Mischung aus Electro,Techno, EBM und Rhythmic Industrial Beats zu begeistern.

Be there, confirm via Facebook and don't miss it !

Jana Clemen a.k.a. Abstract Soul - Fulda

DJ Galaxy a.k.a. Electric Coffee - Eisenach

Stev Dive - Ingolstadt

Andy Gartner - Ingolstadt

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We present a special Impact Arena RAID-io podcast to commemorate Memorial Day in the US with Issue #20, "Combustible Ideologies."

This week, we present a special Impact Arena RAID-io podcast to commemorate Memorial Day in the US. Issue #20, "Combustible Ideologies," kicks your ass with Magic Sound Butcher in ROOM 101 & a special guest in our SCANNEd segment. We had a talk with a gentleman who was in the 3rd wave of the Normandy invasion during WW2. He and his wife tell a riveting story.
--> Go to www.s6k.com/impact to join [y]our revolution.

Next week, Issue #21, "Psychological Carpetbombing," will begin our 4-part interview with Atari Teenage Riot frontman, Alec Empire. We've titled the interview, "Hell in the Mind of Empire." We discussed a number of issues Alec hasn't had the chance to discuss at length before. This is a must for anyone who is an ATR or Hardcore Records fan. We also have some more surprises for you in the near future. Stay tuned...

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s6k's Impact Arena RAID-io just released "World Order" Issue #19

This week features Jana Clemens [SWU] in ROOM 101 with her "World Order" reprogramming audio blitz and our SCANNEd segment features Ann Wright, the 3rd highest person in the US State Dept. to resign before the Iraq War.
Go to www.s6k.com/impact to join [y]our revolution.

FYI - In two weeks we will have that special treat we mentioned in April...the SCANNEd segment will feature our exclusive interview with Atari Teenage Riot frontman, ALEC EMPIRE! It will be our first 4-part interview, which will run all of June to lead into the IA RAID-io "Full-Spectrum Summer Assault."

Next week our Issue #20 SCANNEd segment will feature a veteran of WW2 who was part of the 3rd wave on the shores of Normandy. He's definitely an interesting person and and entertaining conversationalist. Also featured next week, Magic Sound Butcher takes command in ROOM 101 with his "Combustible Ideology" signal jamming aural reprogram.

We're hitting hard and heavy to enter the summer smokin'!
Unlike "Pinky," we don't want to "take over the world." We just want to entertain and inspire it.
Stay tuned droogies...

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Signal to Noise @ Club IS:SIX, Erfurt, May 11

::: SR Podcast :: Live-recording of my DJ Set from the Signal to Noise on the 11.05.2012 at Club IS:SIX (Erfurt) ... if you like it, you can comment, share or download it from Mixcloud!

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Issue #18 ["Doctor Hellstrom I Presume"] of Impact Arena RAID-io in now posted

Issue #18 of Impact Arena RAID-io is now posted!
The podcast features Deftly D in ROOM 101 with a reprogramming initiative code named; "Doctor Hellstrom I Presume." In our SCANNEd segment, we have part 2 of our talk with the brave former congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney.
Go to www.s6k.com/impact to join [y]our revolution

FYI - We are back up for free podcast downloads. We love Podomatic, but have an issue with their automatic request for donations if a client goes over the download bandwidth limit. We've gone up to the next level and should have no future bandwidth limit problems.

We'd love to hear your feedback about what we do. Send us an email to s6kmedia@gmail.com. We have an incredible summer planned to thank you for all your support from around the world.

Impact Arena RAID-io Releases Issue #17 with special guest Cynthia McKinney in our SCANNEd segment

Issue 17 of s6k's Impact Arena RAID-io features one of the most powerful and unbought people to serve in the American Government, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, in our SCANNEd segment. Darryl Hell is in ROOM 101 with a reprogramming initiative code named "Transmissions from the Battleship."
Go to www.s6k.com/impact and join [y]our revolution.

We thank you all for your support as we enter the 5th cycle of Impact Arena RAID-io podcasts. There are now 36 countries downloading IA RAID-io. Our team is psyched and getting ready for our "Full-Spectrum Summer Assault." This summer will be one to remember...if we have our way. ;)

We would also like to thank all the people who have talked to us in our SCANNEd segment:
Issues #1, #2 - Martin Atkins [Public Image Limited/Pigface]
Issues #3, #4, #5 - Evan Michelson [Obscura NYC]
Issue #6 - TC Islam [Creator of the "Hipstep" genre]
Issues #7, #8, #9 - Vernon Reid [Living Colour]
Issues #10, #11, #12 - Kayhan Irani [Emmy Award winning artivista]
Issues #13, #14 - John Bechdel [Killing Joke/Ministry]
Issues #15, #16 - Paul Lemos [Controlled Bleeding]
Issue #17 - Cynthia McKinney [former US Congresswoman]

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