Exciting news going into 2018

Hello everyone, hope all is good on your side of the planet. 
We have some exciting news going into 2018 for you! 

While rearranging the SWU Bunker for the New Year, we discovered a crate of back-stock CDs of the "Sonic Warriors United compilation vol.1". This means, if you like having a physical copy of music in your collection, don’t hesitate, grab your limited copy today. Check our Bandcamp page for shipping details, audio preview and digital downloads.

Starting this year we are archiving our live stream shows Live from the SWU Bunker, Strange Waves and club events on Hearthis. You can stream and download the sets via our Sonic Warriors United Hearthis page.

If your into interviews, music and visuals, then our project LAB20/20 is for you. Checkout past interviews on our LAB20/20 Youtube channel. We're revamping the project for 2018, so get on board for a clear focus on the many shades of underground electronic music and its artists. ( Complete info about LAB20/20 in English and German text )

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That's it for now, we hope you enjoy the images / sounds and thank you for your continued support!

Warm greetings from the SWU Bunker!

Complete track list for the Sonic Warriors United » Compilation Vol. 1 «