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January Recap

We've setup a soundcloud widget which will be getting filled with Tour Recordings, Past and Present for your streaming and download pleasure. We also have January's Dj Charts.

There's a post on a movie cult classic 鉄男 / Tetsuo - The Iron Man this post is in English and German Text, so jump in on the conversation on this Cyberpunk classic.

This is the 1st of our photo's from different angles of our various tour stops, SWU members performances and of the many Sonic Seekers we've met on the way in our Foto Highlight Series.

We share some thought's on The Problem of Misrepresentative "Industrial" Event Billing and What's the Difference Between "Old School" and "The Old Days?"

We hope you enjoy the posts as much as we've enjoyed putting them together for your reading enjoyment. Looking forward to reading you in the comments, until next month, take care.

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Tour Recordings, Past and Present...

Event details behind the Sonic Warriors United Fusion in
[ English and German Text ]

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Foto Highlight Series

Der erste Live Act von C-Dex im Gleis Club Zossen auf unserer Sonic Warriors United Tour 2007/ 2008

First live act of C-Dex in Gleis club Zossen, Germany on our first Sonic Warriors United tour in 2007 / 2008

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The Problem of Misrepresentative "Industrial" Event Billing

Anyone who's gone to an "industrial" music night since the mid/late 1990's has experienced a problem that's now grown into an epidemic. The bill says, "industrial [listed first in the billing], goth, synthpop, futurepop, ect" and you say "I like industrial...I think I'll go." You get there and they play no industrial at all...or...they play only industrial that's considered vintage, as if there's no brand new bands that create music rooted in the aesthetics of the original "industrial" music culture. [When the words "pop" and "industrial" had absolutely nothing to do with each other.]

A simple solution: If you want to feature "future pop," please leave the "industrial" genre classification out of it. Specificity in billing also saves your event from getting unwarranted negative reviews because the playlists contradict your event billing, not because the music wasn't "good."

- If you're in the NYC region, check out Defcon NYC on Saturday nights, 10pm - 4am. They specialize in hard [mostly vintage] dance industrial. 
Pyramid Club
101 Ave A, New York, NY 10009 
Neighborhoods: East Village, Alphabet City]

- In the Boston region, check out ORDNANCE! Deftly D pounds you monthly with relentless industrial music and performance of the highest order. A consistent funride of blissful aural treats and tortures.

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What's the Difference Between "Old School" and "The Old Days?"

After hearing many people who clearly were too young to have been alive during the founding of the genre they're discussing, I decided to provide a definition to clear things up. Important note; this isn't intended to be a form of cultural stratification. This is only a way of identifying the difference between a genre's origin versus a person discovering a genre that has generations of evolution behind it.

- If you find a genre and its key bands/projects are currently releasing their 3rd or 4th albums, then they are your "old days" but not "old school" in connection to the genre. 

- If you remember when a genre didn't exist, [ actually didn't, not you didn't know about it] and the genre hadn't yet developed a sort of top-ten list of focus bands/projects, then the term "old school" is applicable for you and the genre.

The term old school, for those who are, is a kind of badge of honor for being part of the development of a genre. Being a child of the early 1960's, it gave me a perfect vantage point to see [and be part of] the evolution of the primary musical food groups punk rock, hip hop, metal, industrial, techno, and noise. Since this is my first posting here, please check out my webpage/website to get an understanding of my artistic and philosophical background.

It's an honor to be a comrade of the SWU. I've known Denard since the mid 1980's. His focus on cross-genre quality has always been his trademark.

Peaceness and Sledgehammers,

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Planet Myer Day 07.01 2011 Infos

Planet Myer Day 9 - 07.01.2011
Moritzbastei - Leipzig
Universitätsstrasse 9

Running Order(subject to modifications)

07.30pm doors open

08.30pm brazda lui novac
09.00pm change over
09.10pm empusae
09.50pm change over
10.00pm subheim
10.40pm change over
10.50pm klangstabil
11.40pm change over
11.50pm destroid

01.00am dj-set krischan wesenberg(rotersand) + friends

Einlass: 19.30 Uhr
Beginn: 20.00 Uhr
Ende: 05.00 Uhr
Eintritt: 14,- Euro - Studenten, 16,- Euro Normal

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Planet Myer Day 07.01 2011

Das Electro-Jahr beginnt in Leipzig wie üblich mit einem echten Live-Knaller: Am 07. Januar 2011 ruft der Planet Myer Day bereits zum neunten Mal Macher und Freunde hervorragender elektronischer Musik aus aller Welt in die Moritzbastei. Aus Rumänien kommen Brazda Lui Novac mit Broken Beats und herrlichen Melodien. Belgien schickt den Soundtrack für die eigene Fantasie in Form von Empusae. In eine ähnliche Kerbe schlagen Subheim aus Griechenland mit Soundscapes und Rhythmen voll Wärme und Tiefgang. Nicht zu vergessen die Stammgäste Klangstabil, deren Einzigartigkeit sicher nicht mehr extra betont werden muss. Als Highlight gibt sich, wie jedes Jahr, der Gastgeber die Ehre: Destroid um das Soundgenie und PMD-Initiator Daniel Myer (Covenant, Haujobb, Architect) und Sebastian Ullman(For A Space) stehen für weltweit erfolgreiche, treibende Elektronik mit donnernden Drums mit intelligenten Texten. Live wieder mit der professionellen Unterstützung von Project Pitchfork-Schlagzeuger Achim Färber. Dazu kommt eine musikalische Überraschung, und im Anschluss natürlich eine zünftige Party! Tickets gibt es noch an der Abendkasse.

hier noch kleine Hörproben der teilnehmenden Bands

Alkevar by Empusae

Brazda Lui Novac
brazda lui novac - efm by Brazda lui Novac

SUBHEIM (mein Favorit)

Subheim "Streets" by ad noiseam



Ich hoffe wir sehen uns...


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