Strange Waves - Premieres on July 11, 2016

Strange Waves is a new ‪Electronic Music‬ show in ‪‎Second Life‬.

It will feature textures and grooves from
‪IDM‬ / ‪Experimental‬ / ‪Abstract‬ / ‪Dub‬ Techno / ‪Leftfield‬ music.

Denard Henry will be curating the playlist when the show is off the air
and doing a live mix the day of the show.

You will be able to catch the show via live stream and inworld at Inspire Dance Planet.

Launch Date: July 11, 2016 ☉ Start Times: 1pm [SLT • Calif.] • 5pm [NYC] • 10pm [DE]
Second Life residents be sure to join the Sonic Seekers Group for inworld notifications.

Enjoy the music teasers and feel free to ask any questions
you may have about getting into Second Life for the live show.

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