Summer 2018 - Strange Waves - Schedule!

Strange Waves is an electronic music show in Second Life and a Worldwide live stream.

Exploring IDM / Experimental / Abstract / Dub Techno, textures and grooves. The Summer Edition with Dj Denard Henry will be a smooth way to jump start your Music Mondays.

✧ Location: Inspire Dance Planet for Second Life residents.

✧ Music via the SWU Bunker for non-Second Life residents.

Track I.D - Jaded Kisses

June 4, 18  •  July 9, 23  •  Aug. 6, 20  »  Guest lineup and Downloads!

☉ Start Times: 1pm [SLT • Calif.] • 4pm [NYC] • 10pm [DE]

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Feel free to ask any questions you may have about getting into Second Life for the live show.

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