The Final Operation of the Impact Arena RAID-io 2012 FULL SPECTRUM SUMMER ASSAULT

We have recently negotiated a ceasefire agreement with the genre splitters of Earth. This week will be the final mission of our IA RAID-io FULL SPECTRUM SUMMER ASSAULT. Issue 33 of the special video edition of SCANNEd features the final segment of our "Hell in the Mind of Empire" talk with Alec Empire [Atari Teenage Riot]. Issue 32 of ROOM 101 features a field recording of DJ Darryl Hell from our live assault @ Defcon NYC Industrial at the Pyramid Club. It's an operation in industrial terror.

--> Go to and watch/listen/download

We would like to thank everyone for their participation in this global mission.

Sean Templar [New York City], Alec Empire [Germany] Rachel Kann [Israel], Ann Washington [Washington, DC], C-Dex [Germany], Jana Clemen [Germany], Denard Henry [Germany], Deftly D [Boston], DJ Hellraver [New York City], DJ Stalagmike [New York City], DJ Hell [Brooklyn].

Next week we'll be returning to our original format. We hope that you have enjoyed our summer experiment and in two weeks we'll have a new page on the Impact Arena RAID-io site dedicated to the 2012 FSSA. So if you missed any of it while celebrating your summer, it'll all be there for your enjoyment.

Remember, our podcasts are ALWAYS FREE, LISTEN WHENEVER YOU WANT, ALWAYS DOWNLOADABLE, and ALWAYS bringing you a musical/interview experience worthy of your time and attention.


Darryl Hell - IA RAID-io founder and Chief Strategist

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