Impact Arena RAID-io Releases Issue #17 with special guest Cynthia McKinney in our SCANNEd segment

Issue 17 of s6k's Impact Arena RAID-io features one of the most powerful and unbought people to serve in the American Government, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, in our SCANNEd segment. Darryl Hell is in ROOM 101 with a reprogramming initiative code named "Transmissions from the Battleship."
Go to and join [y]our revolution.

We thank you all for your support as we enter the 5th cycle of Impact Arena RAID-io podcasts. There are now 36 countries downloading IA RAID-io. Our team is psyched and getting ready for our "Full-Spectrum Summer Assault." This summer will be one to remember...if we have our way. ;)

We would also like to thank all the people who have talked to us in our SCANNEd segment:
Issues #1, #2 - Martin Atkins [Public Image Limited/Pigface]
Issues #3, #4, #5 - Evan Michelson [Obscura NYC]
Issue #6 - TC Islam [Creator of the "Hipstep" genre]
Issues #7, #8, #9 - Vernon Reid [Living Colour]
Issues #10, #11, #12 - Kayhan Irani [Emmy Award winning artivista]
Issues #13, #14 - John Bechdel [Killing Joke/Ministry]
Issues #15, #16 - Paul Lemos [Controlled Bleeding]
Issue #17 - Cynthia McKinney [former US Congresswoman]

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