The IA RAID-io War on Algorithm-Driven Music for Humans

As many of you know, there are hundreds of sites that enable hours of music, seemingly selected from the playlist in your soul. Do not be fooled. Though they have there place, it makes you believe it can feel the emotion of the music to provide the perfect next selection. It can't. It only knows the choices people have made in the past, which is its only power.

Our team at Impact Arena RAID-io understands the connections of music no algorithm could know. Remembering the first time you heard a song, the influences of the musicians involved, and the cross-genre connections because of the many varied friendships humans have, all are things that have no program for.

This is the battle we are fighting. We want you to feel our broadcasts, not just listen to them. This week is Issue# 7 [ a new podcast posted every Monday 12 noon NYC = 5pm London = 6pm Germany ] in our digital war against the subculture genre-splitters of Earth. In ROOM 101 we have Sonic Warriors United and in our SCANNEd segment we have part one of a three part conversation with Living Colour founder and guitarist, Vernon Reid.

         j o i n   [y] o u r   g l o b a l   r e v o l u t i o n   n o w! 
  PREPARE YOURSELF = You've never heard radio like this

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