The Launch of s6k's Impact Arena RAID-io [Internet radio show]

      Broadcasted on Gotham's Dark Alternative Radio
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays  6pm to 7pm Eastern Standard Time
   [6-7pm New York City = 11pm-midnight London = midnight-1am Berlin]

Featuring: Darryl Hell, Deftly D, Sonic Warriors United, Magic Sound Butcher

IA RAID-io is a new type of Internet radio show that takes you on a musical journey and helps to keep the underground alive in the tradition of Consolidated, the Dead Kennedys, Public Enemy, Skinny Puppy, Augusto Boal, Aphex Twin, Pink Floyd, New Model Army, John Cage and countless others that brought a strong social message to their art. 

We are launching this global offensive against the subculture genre splitters of Earth to defend the fact that we are one eclectic community with different flavors comprised of many tastes, not a bunch of different art cliques dragging behind or chasing the latest trend or microgenre. We are all part of the timeless continuum of people who decided to step beyond the prescribed boundaries to experience other worlds devoid of the "mandates of cool" and subculture rock stars.

Each show has two segments: ROOM 101 & SCANNEd
 In ROOM 101 we present music to you; it's where "4" is what you/we say it is. Our global team of 4 musical production entities will rotate
as the weekly feature of ROOM 101, which will provide you each week with a diversity of musical eclecticism that will keep you coming back. Playlists will be posted on the show pages each Tuesday after the original Monday broadcast. The first week will feature Darryl Hell.

 SCANNEd is a project where we are debriefed by cultural and artistic agenda setters. It features exclusive interviews and discussions with agenda setters from around the world.
You are now prompted to access information from this location. Our inaugural show will feature an exclusive interview we did with legendary Public Image Limited/Killing Joke drummer Martin Atkins. This is the first of a two part series where we discuss his take on the current art/music scene and DIY arts culture. 

                        j o i n   [y] o u r   g l o b a l   r e v o l u t i o n   n o w!
                   PREPARE YOURSELF = You've never heard radio like this

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