We care a lot about Cafe Soundz!

Cafe Soundz owned and operated by Bobby Lisi, is a record store and more. With a good selection of electronic music, independent clothing lines and accessories. Bobby has established a solid 22 years of being a hub for connecting the subculture society in the New Jersey and New York area. He will be closing the store during the American holiday, "Labor Day" weekend [ September 5, 2011 ]. This will be a great lost to the area.

Recalling my days/nights early 1990's:

At the store, one of my first 12" purchases was Al Comet, along with hearing Bobby Dj regularly at the Pipeline in Newark, N.J and the added BIG plus, I had the opportunity of doing a KK Records / Cargo Records showcase with his support for Psychick Warriors ov Gaia. All truly great connecting moments.

Bobby in his own words about the store and his decision...

Cafe Soundz is NOT going out of business.

Cafe Soundz is currently looking for a new owner for the store, could that be you or someone you know? They reduced the asking price to $59k including all merchandise. Unless someone steps up to run the store, this underground treasure will be gone forever.

Contact Bobby at:



Just as a side note 
The Sonic Warriors United Crew has found a way to get involved with our local record stores 
by participating in the yearly Record Store Day event.

Perhaps if everyone found a unique way of collaborating with local shops, 
this can help in the short and long term of keeping these shops in the public eye.

This brings me to ask:
What is the current situation in your area regarding Independent Record shops?

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