A Month of Celebration for sektor 6 kommunikations [DAY 2]

Our 2nd presentation to you of our month-long anniversary is a special video mix called "The Orwell Doctrine," which is a mix of of 1984, Animal Farm, Katrina & 9/11/01 footage. It's especially poignant now seeing the state of the world we current are experiencing. It's a feature length project, so get your fave drink, maybe a healthy munchie, then settle in and enjoy. :)

March [1st] is the 23rd anniversary of the first event produced by [what was then] Sector 6 / [and now] sektor 6 kommunikations, at the Deck House in Asbury Park, NJ. Now s6k / sektor 6 kommunikations is a network that does artistic/event production, new media productions, project consultation & management, education-though-art programs, and community betterment programs that encompass web based & real-world applications. To celebrate we are presenting 31 videos from our archive [a video each day] for your entertainment as well as information.

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