Sonic Seekers | January Crate Diggers, Techno Tips!

Weekend update!

Here are some new additions to the Sonic Warriors United Discogs Marketplace.

◐ Machine ‎– Intergrated Harmony - Label: Jelly Jam Records

◐ Olga+Jozef ‎– Olga+Jozef #03- Label: Olga+Jozef

◐ Paul Hannah ‎– Control EP - Label: Ferox Records

◐ Subhead ‎– Subhead Remixes - Label: Subhead

◐ Ausgang ‎ – II - The Journey Continues .. - Label: Synewave


If any of the titles featured have sold, you can always discover something new
via our updated SWU Discogs Techno  listings.

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The SWU Discogs Marketplace is now open!

We are happy to announce that the Sonic Warriors United Vinyl / CD shop is now open!

The source of records/cds listed on the SWU Discogs profile and marketplace is supplied
from the combined private collections of

Denard Henry and Jana Clemen

With our collective years of record collecting, along with being experienced electronic music djs/producers, we're sure you'll find something special, while digging in our virtual creates.

We're constantly sorting/updating the SWU collection and marketplace. Each item listed has a deep/special meaning to us. Most items in our collection are doubles, and like most other djs/producers, we need to make space in our music library/studio.

We're sure you'll find something special to add to your basket.

Start shopping -

We're looking forward to assisting you and your interests...

Denard & Jana

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From the Party Archives! SWU Nite: Tresor, Berlin 2008

Tresor Floor enthusiasts get a treat: 
Sonic Warriors Denard Henry (a.k.a. Sonic Architect) and Jana Clemen (a.k.a. Abstract Soul) are into the total reconstruction of the electronic music scene, and their blend of techno, EBM, electro, and/or industrial speaks for itself. Their project Sprawl is the catalyst for their expression in this endeavour. Check this out!
Tresor club line-up January 2008.

Stream / Download Mix1, Mix2 and Mix3 via Reverbnation Today!

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Sonic Seekers At Surfer’s Bay VIP - August 17

Saturday 17 August: 1 – 3pm SLT

With a DJ set by acclaimed real life international DJ’s - Denard Henry (Denard Alchemi) and Jana Clemen (Jana Haiku), plus an extra special show by SL’s master of light effects, Mario2 Helstein, this event promises to be a spectacular and immersive light and sound experience! 
TP over, set to midnight and enjoy two hours of freshly mixed underground electronic music at the floating light platform in the middle of the sea at Surfer’s Bay VIP.

As some of the best electronic dance music DJs in SL, Denard and Jana are famed across the grid for their unique blend of (old/new school) underground electronic music.

Mario2 Helstein is an innovative creator of SL light effects. Unlike most SL light shows, Mario’s creations are made from mesh, which allows for incredible light effects and no lag. His light shows are totally immersive and the best big concert lighting experience that you will see in SL – prepare to be wowed!
Sim will be open for non-members from 10am SLT

◦ Event location Surfer’s Bay VIP -

Tune-in via the Swu Bunker Stream -
 Check out Denard’s set from the first Sonic Seekers - Beach Takeover:

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