IA RAID-io Posted Issue #14 and is Back Up for Downloading

s6k's Impact Arena RAID-io has reached a number of milestones. Firstly, two days ago, we've upgraded [again] to meet your demand for downloading. Second, we've reached 33 countries downloading IA RAID-io podcasts!
-->Go to www.s6k.com/impact to join [y]our revolution
We've just posted Issue 14: Cut the Break What's Broke to Fix

We have upgraded [again] and doubled our download bandwidth capacity. NOW you can RESUME DOWNLOADING ALL YOU WANT for free. It's really exciting that so many of you from around the world are digging our vibe.

This week's issue features Deftly D in ROOM 101 and in the second and final part of our discussion with Ministry keyboardist and sample trigger man, John Bechdel, John gives us a behind the scenes view of Welt...the legendary industrial band that never happened...sort of. He also talks about his evolution through the music industry, and what it's been like playing in, and touring with, some of the most iconic bands of the late 20th century. A must hear for industrial, punk and metal music enthusiasts.

And when we posted our new video promo just 5 weeks ago, we were at 23 countries downloading IA RAID-io. Now 33 countries are downloading us! Many people have asked which countries are downloading us. In the order of downloading from most to least, here's the list: USA, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Mexico, UK, Argentina, Polska, Brasil, France, Türkiye, Schweiz, España, Belgique, Repubblica Italiana, Ghana, Canada, Thailand, Colombia, Taiwan, Australia, Venezuela, Česká republika, Ελλάδα, Armenia, Guatemala, Magyarország, Österreich, Chile, Bosna i Hercegovina, Republika Hrvatska, Ecuador, Danmark, Россия, Portugal.

Thank you all so much for supporting our mission to have humans program aural entertainment for humans. Pandora and other music programs have their place. Yet, there is still a place for dedicated people with decades of experience in the entertainment industry, specifically in underground culture, to supply you with music [new & old] and interviews that are not based on algorithms of what other people have listened to or downloaded.

IA RAID-io = Humans Programming Music for Humans
Peaceness and Sledgehammers,
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