IA RAID-io is Back Up for Downloading

An s6k "Impact Arena RAID-io" update...
Due to your overwhelming support, our account was shut down for downloading April 12th &13th, though you could still play the podcasts from our site.
We've upgraded [again] and NOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ALL YOU WANT!
--> go to www.s6k.com/impact and join [y]our revolution!

The IA RAID-io collective would like to thank you all for your support.

The video promo below was made in early March 2012.
As of April 13th, we are now being downloaded by 33 countries...and counting!!

FYI - We have a huge offensive [codenamed: "FULL-SPECTRUM SUMMER ASSAULT"] coming in July that will run through August. A number of your fave dj's and bands, plus many dope artists/people from around the world that you may not know will be involved. Stay tuned!!!

Thanks again for your support!!
IA RAID-io = Humans Programming Music for Humans
Peaceness and Sledgehammers,
sektor 6 kommunikations

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