Objects made for killing and transform them into instruments

Pedro Reyes: "I take objects made for killing and transform them into instruments for creativity."

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Who wouldn’t want to see violence give way to peace, and killing give way to creation. Surely an impossible task. Pedro Reyes shows the world that it’s possible. Yet he has taken thousands of guns – the embodiment of violence – and turned them into the essence of participation, unity and peace. These guns, many of which have been fired in anger, are now fully functioning musical instruments.
The Mexican army gave him 6700 weapons that had been seized and destroyed. With this metal, Perdo Reyes started his project. He created guitars and saxophones, before moving on to create an astonishing array. Who could ever have imagined a full-sized marimba, each note created not by a wooden key, but a gun barrel, sawn down to create exactly the correct pitch to play a full musical scale?
Thanks to Pedro Reyes, thousands of guns are no longer instruments of hate, but are instruments of creation, themselves capable of bringing harmony into people’s lives. This is just one more step on his mission to turn the negative into the creative.

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