s6k's Impact Arena RAID-io just released "World Order" Issue #19

This week features Jana Clemens [SWU] in ROOM 101 with her "World Order" reprogramming audio blitz and our SCANNEd segment features Ann Wright, the 3rd highest person in the US State Dept. to resign before the Iraq War.
Go to www.s6k.com/impact to join [y]our revolution.

FYI - In two weeks we will have that special treat we mentioned in April...the SCANNEd segment will feature our exclusive interview with Atari Teenage Riot frontman, ALEC EMPIRE! It will be our first 4-part interview, which will run all of June to lead into the IA RAID-io "Full-Spectrum Summer Assault."

Next week our Issue #20 SCANNEd segment will feature a veteran of WW2 who was part of the 3rd wave on the shores of Normandy. He's definitely an interesting person and and entertaining conversationalist. Also featured next week, Magic Sound Butcher takes command in ROOM 101 with his "Combustible Ideology" signal jamming aural reprogram.

We're hitting hard and heavy to enter the summer smokin'!
Unlike "Pinky," we don't want to "take over the world." We just want to entertain and inspire it.
Stay tuned droogies...

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