View from the Opposite End of the Telescope [Issue #7]

Impact Arena RAID-io Blipvert: [Issue #7] In ROOM 101 we have Sonic Warriors United Operative Dean Freud and in our SCANNEd segment we have part one of a three part conversation with Living Colour founder and guitarist, Vernon Reid.
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Dean Freud [SWU-Germany] is commanding activities in ROOM 101 with an energetic sonic workout. Our SCANNEd conversation with Vernon Reid is quite special as we haven't had time to talk in a while. We originally met in the mid 1990's when we did a multi-location ISDN link performance between New York City and London that featured other artists like Saul Williams that was called "Digital Diaspora." Vernon gets a chance to speak his mind about a wide range of topics.

j o i n [y] o u r g l o b a l r e v o l u t i o n n o w!
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