Posts you may have missed in June - 2011

Hello all, thing's have been busy here in the Sonic Warriors United Bunker, but we have found the time to keep everyone updated on things of interest and SWU activty.

Last month some of the crew made it out to a few live shows, enjoyed meeting, greeting associates and supporters of our project. You can get a taste of it all in the Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig 2011 Rewind in sounds and images.

There was also new sound manipulation via frequen-c remixes architect (unoffical) and discovery of some favorite software Etwas aus der VST Ecke

We revived news about a favorite U.S record store maybe closing it's doors to the public. Get the inside story about how We care a lot about Cafe Soundz!

Looking forward to your feedback on the above posts and feel free to share our content in your network.

Take care and thank you for your support :o)

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