New Ammo For Your Decks

There's a lot of good music out there and it's time to recommend some of it. Here are 3 hot records for the hot summer that will be of interest for the Sonic Warrior inside of you. Have a look & listen!

Artist: Go Hiyama
Title: Survival E.P.
Label: Token
Catalog#: TOKEN15

Token should be a name that you're already familiar with if you like your Techno a bit harder. Japanese producer Go Hiyama delivers some powerful cuts on this EP that will attract fans of Britisch Murder Boys, Ancient Methods and the like. Certainly nothing to sleep on.

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Artist: Dino Sabatini
Title: Daughter Of Phorcys E.P.
Label: Prologue
Catalog#: PRG012

Dino Sabatini takes it to the dark side without getting lost. Especially "Stheno" manages to push things forward with a grumbling Electro beat. If you like the claustrophobic tunes on the B side as well, then Prologue should be a label for you to watch out.

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Artist: Vista & Presence Known
Title: Their Prey / Water Torture
Label: Boka Records
Catalog#: BOKA029

Ok, this one is for the bass heads. While Dubstep isn't really our main focus, the occasional tune will do no harm... well, except records like this one which will actually cause a lot of damage for sure! Play and watch the frenzy on the floor :-)

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