One to watch: The Neon Judgement, Documentary 2010

The Neon Judgement back in the day helped me move alot feet on the dance floor and shape my eclectic music style.
My 1st Recall: A man ain't no man when he ain't got no horse, man - 12" vinyl / CDS (1987), "Chinese Black", has both the flavors of New Wave and Goth.

The Neon Judgement continues blending their Sonic Signature to this day and finding ways to help bind my Dj sets.

"Thirty years ago, ‘Nion Nion’ was a rally cry. It still is, baby. In Documentary 2010, The Neon Judgement look back on a roller coaster career driven by the urgency to make that voice heard.
With a heart racing at rhythm machine speed through the black and white game of dark tunnels and sunlit summer days, the Neon Judgment’s rebel engine can not, will not, shall not stop."

Here's a exclusive preview of The Neon Judgement Documentary 2010...

TNJ Info. History & Now. This is a exclusive preview of Documentary 2010. Featuring Dirk Da Davo, TB Frank, Terence Fixmer, Luc Van Acker, The Hacker, Patrick Codenys (front242), Dave Clarke.

I'm looking forward to the Release and Tour.

What are some of your Favorite Songs or shows you've attended by TNJ. Are you making plans for TNJ's Documentary 2010 Tour?

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