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Denard Henry & Jana Clemen September 2007 was the start "Sonic Warriors United" Project and with much interest in this Project we are now filling dates in Germany, U.S.A and all of Europe. We Plan a Tour Once a Year to bring this concept to points of interest and looking for interesting Clubs, Bars and Open Air venues to host some events. More Ideas/Comments are Welcomed.

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Denard Henry & Jana Clemen im September 2007 war der Start des "Sonic Warriors United" Projekt. Mit wachsenden Interesse in unser Konzept, füllen wir jetzt die Termine in Deutschland, U.S.A.und ganz Europa für die nächste Tour, die jeweils einmal im Jahr geplant ist. Wir freuen auf Eure Ideen/Kommentare.

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Moment of this post back ground music was: µ-Ziq - London

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